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  1. Lady Gaga fan club realize she is annoying and decide to disband

    It is said that Lady Gaga has some of the most faithful and religious of fan bases which is why this news came as something of a shock to the entire music world and Ms. Gaga in particular. Namely, one of her biggest fan clubs, the one from France has decided that they are going to disband, following a startling discovery that they have made on their last meeting. Namely, it was decided that their favorite pop star is so incredibly annoying that it is impossible to truly be her fan if you have any human decency in your body.

    The French Lady Gaga fan club has been very active over the years, plaguing Twitter and other social networks with gigabytes of stuff about their favorite pop star and everything that has to do with her. While some parts of the French cultural elite agreed that Lady Gaga is a unique pop star that deserves such stardom and fandom, the majority, we feel we have to add, has had no love for this pop sensation and they did a number of cultural studies trying to understand and establish what it is, other than inventive outfits, that separated her from the rest of the pop scene today. These studies have not been successful.

    However, the Lady Gaga fan club claims that their decision has nothing to do with these studies and that they have simply realized that their once-coveted and idolized subject of admiration is nothing more than another pop star who happens to wear meat and other non-clothes clothing objects. We have managed to get a few statements from the members of the ex-fan club of Lady Gaga.

    “Well, we just sort of decided that we have been wasting our lives and that we would be better off playing XCOM Enemy Unknown, the best video game of the year.” – Maurice, 23

    “I finally understand what my family was saying all these years. Her music is just as manufactured and soulless as all pop music today. I will be spending my free time more creatively from now on.” – Belle, 18

    The final blow, however, came from the once president of French Lady Gaga fan club:

    “I can’t believe we wasted all these years on idolizing someone who has just about the same levels of artistic talent as a crate of tomatoes.”

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